How to Download Facebook Video for Free

Have you ever thought about downloading an awesome video from Facebook but you didn’t know how you can do it for free? If your answer is yes, then read further! , This article suits everyone who are facing the same problem: as we all know, there’s no official application for downloading videos from Facebook. Luckily, there are several apps that could do the work for you. But, the question is – which one you should choose?

We made a comparison of two most popular Facebook downloaders –  TubeMate and InsTube. See what we have discovered!


TubeMate is probably the earliest video downloader used for YouTube and Facebook. Regardless of that, you can still use it as your primary downloader. Check out this video guide to get to know how you should use TubeMate properly.


If you like settling with the average, then you should go with TubeMate. As you could see in this video guide, it’s a good app for start, but eventually you would want a better user experience and faster downloading speed. Unfortunately, you cannot expect that from TubeMate – but you can from InsTube.

How to download video with InsTube?

Here is the guide for instube, it very simple for download video.

1.Open the Facebook link in your Instube app

facebook downloader guide

2.Browse News Feed or your timeline for a video you would like to download

facebook downloader guide

3.Click the red download button in the bottom

facebook downloader guide

4.Choose a download format from a pop up menu (music or video)

facebook downloader guide5.Wait for a minute for download to begin

6.Enjoy your favorite video!

It very simple and easy to download the video, that’s why million user choice Insutbe App as their video downloader.


Security notice

Due to Google’s policy about YouTube downloader apps, you cannot find InsTube on their Google Play store, but that doesn’t mean that the app is unsafe or illegal to use. InsTube is security verified by CM Security, Lookout and McAfee. For more informations on the app read privacy policy.

So what you want waiting for? Download the Instube APP and start to download your facebook video now.




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