How to Download Music from YouTube to Android

Are you preparing for a long road trip or going camping in an area out of network coverage? The chances are that you might not be able to access the most favorite music from YouTube. In other instances, the tracks might be moments from expiry and fans will never get to enjoy them anymore. Despite these scenarios, nothing should come between you and the most favorite music because you can download music from YouTube to Android devices for free.

The ideal method of downloading music from YouTube is using the right apps. Though there are a number of apps available for downloading music, it is important to pick the one that has positive reviews from past user.

Select the best app based on your smartphone  

Many people have been asking the question about the best app to use on Android smartphones to download music from YouTube. The best App should be easy to use, accelerate the download speed, guarantee extra safety and feature a direct video converter. Other characteristics of a great YouTube music download app include;

  • Ability to access all types of music on YouTube
  • Extended capabilities to download even videos from YouTube and other places
  • Capability to even download music from other places including social media
  • Safety of the app’s use after installing on the smartphone

The most recommended app to download YouTube music is InsTube

Download and install the selected app

Once you have selected the best music download app for Android device, download and install it to enable all functionalities. Because Google discourages direct download of music from YouTube, most apps will not be available in the App Store. Therefore, make sure to allow apps from third parties.

Open the selected music and start downloading

Using the app, you have just installed on the Android smartphone, open YouTube and select the preferred song. This is crucial because it allows the app to inspect all the components for the song before downloading can begin. Most apps also allow users to pick the selected URL address of the track to start downloading the preferred song.

Pick the right format of the selected music

Before starting the download, it is important to think about the player. Will you play the song exclusively on the smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop, or the home theater? If you pick the best download such as InsTube, make sure to select the preferred format before commencing the download.

If you selected an app that does not provide for direct conversion, converting software would be required. Just like you selected the download app, it is important to pick the converter compatible with the smartphone under consideration.

Select the preferred music storage

If you are using the top apps to download music from YouTube to an Android device, this step might be unnecessary. For example, InsTube creates a special folder for all your music downloads and secures them using a special Video Locker feature. However, some of the apps require the user to select the preferred storage before the download process can commence.

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