How to Download Music from SoundCloud

The recent announcement of the partnership between Universal Music and SoundCloud was perhaps the most awaited by music lovers in recent times. The deal has enhanced the access to Download music by SoundCloud enthusiasts. Earlier on, SoundCloud had also inked deals with other top music producers including Sony BMG, Warner Bro, and Sony/ATV. The enhanced access to music on SoundCloud also serves as a source for downloading your most preferred songs. Here are the three most effective methods of downloading music from SoundCloud.

Using Firefox DownloadHelper

  • On the Firefox app, navigate to the menu button and hit Add-ons. Here, you should install an extension referred as This is the extension that will allow you to grab and download audio tracks from SoundCloud.
  • On the left part of the Firefox Menu, and click install Video DownloadHelper. Note that though it indicated Video DownloadHelper, the extension will work perfectly well in SoundCloud.
  • On the SoundCloud page, open the selected track for the DownloadHelper to start animating the toolbar.
  • Finally, click the DownloadHelper button and click the preferred song. You will be prompted to select the preferred storage for the download to commence.

Use download service on  SoundCloud 

  • On your SoundCloud page, open the preferred song and capture the URL. Unlike other social media, SoundCloud features several downloaders that users can pick from. Open the preferred downloader and paste the URL at the center of the download feature.
  • Hit the Convert or Download button that pops up on the page the moment a URL is added. The download starts with the conversion that takes some moments before the entire downloading process is complete.
  • Once the download process is through, a link will appear and prompt you to ‘Save link As’ that allows you to save the new MP3 on the preferred drive.
  • One challenge with the Download Service on SoundCloud is the many ad banners that keep popping on the window. If you are not careful, there is a risk of clicking the wrong download app. It is also relatively slow compared to top apps such as InsTube.

Download music from SoundCloud using InsTube

An ideal way to download music from SoundCloud is using advanced apps such as InsTube . This is a special app designed for downloading videos from YouTube but works equally effectively when downloading music from other social media such as SoundCloud.

The app is free for Android users and comes with special features such as Video Locker to store and protect the downloaded music. It also installs faster, accelerates the download, and does not slow down your phone operation.

  • You need to start by downloading the app on your smartphone from and installing it on your phone.
  • Using InsTube, access SoundCloud page and browse the preferred song. The app inspects the track to ensure that all the components are present to guarantee users of great music all the time.
  • Select the preferred output on the app. Depending on the device you will use to listen to music, make sure to pick the appropriate format. If you use the smartphone to listen to the song, it will automatically pick the default format.

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