InsTube – the best Youtube video download app for android

Everyone having the android phone searches for the best youtube download apps. However, every downloader does not include the features and benefits which you want to see in a single app. Generally, the user needs to download and install multiple apps for different video formats. Installing multiple apps does not only occupy more space of your smartphone but it also slowdowns its speed. InsTube is one of the most popular and all in one app which includes everything you need to download videos from your android device.

How is InsTube better than other android apps?

Usually, the user does not know the difference between android video downloader. The following few points will help you to know how instube is better than other android youtube video download apps.

  1. Most of the video download apps support the specific platform. For example, the Tubemate allows you to download youtube videos. To download videos from other platforms like Facebook, twitter, Video, and Dailymotion you need other apps. The InsTube is the all-in-one download app which supports all these platforms to download videos. Moreover, InsTube also allows you to download videos from Live Leak, Instagram, Metacafe and many other video platforms.
  2. Most of the download apps like keepvid need their supporting apps to activate on your android phone. Keepvid download the videos through its built-in browser. So, you need to play the video in keepvid browser to download youtube videos. On the other side, the InsTube integrates with the youtube and other media platforms apps and download videos directly from their own apps. Therefore, the InsTube is easy to operate and also takes less space on your android device. Moreover, the InsTube download app does not need additional plug-in or encoding to activate on your android phone.
  3. Tubemate and keepvid apps only download videos from youtube but InsTube also converts the videos to other formats. Moreover, InsTube also allows you to download in both video and audio formats. So, instube also works as video and audio format converter. You do not need to download additional video or audio converter after installing the InsTube download app.
  4. Inclusive of all the above-mentioned features and qualities, the InsTube app is completely free. Many apps allow you to install trial version for a limited period and ask for paid registration on completion of trial period. Even some apps offer different packages with limited download options. The user needs to pay the huge amount to avail complete access to those apps. The InsTube download app is completely free along with all features and accessibility options including downloading and converting videos and audios.

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