The Best MP4 Music Downloader Apps In 2017

Music is getting cheaper every year. A decade ago, musicians evaluated their success based on the number of CDs they sold. Today, you can catch the latest releases for free in top music streaming services such as YouTube. But technology has now made it possible to even download the music and store it in a drive for full entertainment.

To download music faster, more effectively, and enjoy the entertainment everywhere you go, the most important thing is picking the right mp4 music downloader. Though there are numerous apps out there that can be used to download music, a few have been outstanding. Users and the entire apps developer community are in agreement that these three apps are the best MP4 music downloaders for 2017.


InsTube is the undisputed music download app leader in the market today. The app was created by InsTube with the target of downloading music from YouTube. The designer used the latest technology on the app that also enables it to download even MP4 music from other platforms. Today, it is the most trusted app to download music from SoundCloud, Spotify, and even social media platforms.

The main features of InsTube: InsTube was created at a time when the market was coming to terms with the emerging freedom to accessing and downloading music. InsTube worked on special features that have made it highly effective and revolutionary.

  1. Video Locker
  2. Download Accelerator
  3. Video converter

To use the app, you have to download and install from InsTube home page. Once you install the app, it will greatly enhance the security of the device.


The 4shared app is the main rival to InsTube in the market today. It has a very large database reaching to more than 5 million tracks. To use the app, you are required to sign up and download the app to your phone. The app is also a music player that allows users to listen to preferred songs. The app enables users to download the preferred songs to listen even when offline. The app has unique security and sharing features that help to make listening to music more enjoyable.


This is one of the top music download app designed for windows. It is engineered to help the user search different songs and downloading them seamlessly. The app uses searches across the web to locate music files. You can search the preferred songs either by individual track, artist, name, or a section of the lyric.

If you want to download songs from paid sites, the process must start with signing up. Then, use the app search tool to access the music service company, open the specific song, and hit download. The main advantage of the app is that it provides a wide range of music compared to other software. It also provides music review to help users get a unique connection to favorite artists. The main con of this app is that its interface is rather complicated and updates are very uncommon.


The mp4 music downloader you select is very important in determining the safety of the phone and efficiency when downloading music. These top three music downloaders come with unique features that help users to download music fast and convert it to the preferred format.

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