Top Three Apps for Downloading and Listening Music Offline

When you think of downloading music, the first thing that crosses the mind is rushing to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Whether at work or free hubspots downtown, Wi-Fi is considered faster and more reliable. However, what happens when no Wi-Fi is close, and you need to download a song. It is now possible with the music downloader no wifi apps. In this post, we look at three top apps that allow you to download and enjoy music without the need of a Wi-Fi.


InsTube team’s work on delivering higher value to users is evident in its capability to downloading and listening music offline. Since its debut, the developer has been working harder to create new features for enhanced user experience. InsTube has been great because of its unique operations and design.

  • The app is very easy to download and install in Android smartphones.
  • It is one of the most secure music downloaders out there
  • The app is fitted with unique features such as download accelerator and converters that are highly effective.
  • It helps to get music from multiple platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and social media.
  • InsTube is considered one of the most secure apps because of regular updates and new features that protect the device, app, and stored downloads.


Deezer is a music download and playing app that provides users with instant access to music from anywhere in the globe and allows them to enjoy even when offline. It comes with multiple channels and playlists so that users can always get as many tracks in their preferred categories as possible. If you are especially attached to a specific artist, the app allows users to follow such artists and get notifications when they have new songs. 

The feature that makes the app more appealing is the ability to personalize searches. You only need to make suggestions, and the app will draw thousands of songs to listen wherever you are. Unlike other apps that rely heavily on Wi-Fi all the time, Deezer only requires you to stream and download music when connected to Wi-Fi and creating a personal list to enjoy when offline. 

The Google Play Music

This app allows users to discover, enjoy and share music they love on Android. Google has a database of millions of songs, and the app allows the user to listen to the collection from anywhere. The app allows you to tune to the radio and enjoy music with no limitation. Because all the personal music is stored online on Google Play, the user does not need to worry about offline playback, syncing, or storage capacity. The user can store as many as 52,000 songs from personal collections, podcasts, and discoveries.

Because the app is associated with the giant tech company Google, it has won affection from very many people. The developers keep improving it to guarantee users of new and better features. For example, the app can select your songs based on personal taste to deliver extra value.

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