How to Download Music For Free

Music is a multibillion business in the globe today. From artists to producers, the target is getting more from music lovers. The main trick is to limit to download music so that more visitors can join, stream music, and subscribe. In return, the companies win colossal sums from ads placed on their sites. However, this setting comes at a great disadvantage to the music enthusiast; lack of control over what you want to listen.

It is not uncommon to find your lovely music has expired or you are in a region with poor network coverage. Therefore, you cannot access the preferred music. The ultimate solution to the problem is downloading the music and storing it in your drive. This post outlines the best methods of downloading music for free.

download music

download music

Identify the target music services stores

The first step when looking for free music is identifying where it is located. Many companies are still rigid and always lock music for live streaming only. The following are the main sources of free music to consider;

  • Spotify: This is a music, video, and podcast streaming Service Company started in 2008. Today, Spotify has over 20 million songs that make it one of the best sources of almost every type of music.
  • YouTube: YouTube is the first service that rings to many people’s minds when free music is mentioned. The music and video service is owned by the Tech Giant Google that strongly discourages downloading. However, it has flexed this rule lately and even provided an app for downloading music on YouTube.
  • SoundCloud: SoundCloud is one of the fastest upcoming social media platforms. Its partnership with top music producers especially Warner Bro, Sony BMG, and Sony/ATV has made the platform one of the most resourceful sources of free music.
  • Free Music:  Free Music is an online music player free of charge with useful features. You can enjoy millions of online music for free by searching songs, albums, artists or any other keywords.
    It is your best music player which finds trending music for you.

Pick the ideal free app to download

Apps present the best way to download music from different sources. They are designed to locate the preferred music, check whether all components are available, and even convert it to the right format.

  1. Use InsTube to download the preferred music from any site

    InsTube has stood out in the apps world as the most effective method for downloading music. More people prefer it because it is easy to download from, install, and use for free on Android devices. Unlike other apps that are highly specific, InsTube allows users to download music from most platforms including Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and other social media. It also has special features for music conversion and secure storage using Video Locker. 

  2. Download and use 4Shared to download free music

    4Shared music download app is growing in popularity very fast. It was recently removed from Google App Store, and users are now required to access it on the 4Shared home page. To download music for free, one must install the app and use it to access the target platform such as YouTube.

  3. Use SoundCloud download feature

    For people who love SoundCloud, it provides a download feature Download Service. First, you are required to open the preferred song on SoundCloud and copy the URL. Then, navigate to the Download and open the page that will prompt you to add the copied song URL. The download will start immediately and provide a “Save link As” option that allows you to select the right place to save your music. The only issue with this method is that it works only on SoundCloud.

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