How Do I Download Music To My Android Phone ?

How do I download music to my Android Phone? This is a common question that many people especially those new Android smartphone users keep asking when they want new music. Downloading music to your phone is the best way to get absolute control on what to play. This post demonstrates how you should download music to your Android phone.

Download Music


Use the best download apps to download the targeted music


The simplest method to download music to an Android phone is through apps. These are specially designed software to help people access and download music. The app world has expanded rapidly in the recent past to give users greater diversity and control on how they consume music. The most crucial step is identifying the right app for your phone;

  • It should be easily available
  • Light and easy to install on the Android phone
  • Able to accelerate the music download
  • Come with advanced features such as direct converters
  • The app should be very secure and not put the user and device into any threat
  • The app should be free for Android users
  • It should also be easy to download music and videos from other sites such as SoundCloud


One of the music download apps that fits the above description is InsTube. It is carefully engineered to help android users download music from multiple platforms including YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify among others. It also comes with advanced security features that make the music, device, and the entire phone more secure. Other top apps to consider include 4Share, Songily, Spotify music app, MP3 Music download, and Wynk Music .


To download music using the selected app, make sure to follow the following procedure;

  • Download and install the app
  • Using the app, open the platform of choice and pick the target song
  • Select the preferred output format and start the download
  • If the app does not have an embedded converter, you might need a separate app to convert the song to the right format. In other cases, the app might require you to specify the download location.


Use browser extensions to access and download music


While the apps are the easiest and fastest way to download music to your Android phone, the phone browser can also be used. However, the process is a little technical. Here is the process of downloading music using Firefox on your smartphone.

  • On the mobile Firefox app, go to the add-ons section and install the right extension. This is the extension that will allow the android phone user to download music from the target platform such as YouTube and SoundCloud.
  • Then, on the left section of Firefox Menu, hit install Video DownloadHelper extension that will be used to download the music you want.
  • Visit the page of the platform with the target song (example, YouTube) using the phone browser and refresh the page. The toolbar will be updated with a DownloadHelper icon.
  • Finally, hit the DownloadHelper to start downloading the selected song into the default Android device.

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